Big Brain Academy : Wii Review

Big-Brain-Academy-2Puzzle games are big hits in our family.  Together, we can spend countless hours working our way through the puzzles, seeing who can get the highest score or the quickest time.  The “brain” style games for the Nintendo Wii are all great, but the one that we are reviewing today is Big Brain Academy.  We got it super cheap (as in $5 super cheap) so it’s one we can always keep around.

How It Plays

This isn’t some action adventure game that you’re going to have to work your way through mazes, trials, and tribulations.  Rather, this is setup much like a school.  Hence the name “Wii Degree”.  You start by training yourself by taking quizzes underneath different categories.  Each category is a different part of your brain, and your goal is to fill the entire graph with perfect scores in each category.  So far, nobody in our family has gotten perfect scores in everything, but we are still trying.


Of course we would recommend this game.  It is great for our daughter, who is 5 years old, as well as us.  We’re not going to get into ages, but it works great for every family member, regardless of age.

Goldeneye 007 : Wii Review

goldeneye7_228582bThis is a game that I spent thousands of hours (not exaggerating) with friends duking it out in hopes of proving our multiplayer worth amongst our circle of friends.  It isn’t easy playing against 3 of your friends when you are all sharing the same TV screen.  Picture it, 4 teenagers battling it out on the Nintendo 64 for potential bragging rights among each other.  It got pretty competitive pretty quickly.  I was shopping for some games with my girlfriend when I found this, Big Brain Academy and Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess for sale cheap on the previously used rack.

Overall Gameplay

The new version had some pretty big shoes to fill in terms of gameplay when you compare them against the original for the Nintendo 64.  The storyline was exactly the same between the two versions, so there isn’t much to compare there.  You are James Bond and you have to infiltrate a worldwide criminal network to prevent them from taking over the world.  It’s pretty immersive.  However, the graphics are not as highly advanced as you would imagine them to be for the Wii console.  When you look at games like Call Of Duty, and other shooters, the level of graphics on Goldeneye 007 is subpar.  I feel like they could have done better with what they were working with, but it does provide the same nostalgic feel that the N64 version does.

End Result

For $20 this game, in the previously used section of Gamestop, was a good buy.  We don’t play it quite like we used to play the N64 version, but we have both played through the storyline multiple times, and tried to compete on the multiplayer version without too many hassles.  For nostalgia’s sake, it’s been fun.

Legend Of Zelda : Wii Review

zelda-twilight-princess-wallpaperWhen I was growing up I played Zelda for the NES (Yes, original NES) for hours on end.  I can still recite the music lines today, and it’s been a long time since I’ve played it last.  Crawling through the 2 dimensional dungeons is a favorite past time for me, so when I saw the Legend Of Zelda Twilight Princess for the Wii on sale at Gamestop I had to pick up a copy.  Since buying it, we’ve spent nearly 200 hours playing and are barely halfway through according to some of the walkthroughs we have taken a look at for help.

The Gameplay

True to the original Zelda, the new version maintains it’s roots in a solid dungeon crawler, with puzzles that are, at times, very difficult.  You are given the tools to progress through the game, and the storyline isn’t all that bad if you take the time to read through the prompts.  I would recommend you read the prompts, anyways, because there are often clues to what you should be doing.  You have a sidekick that transforms you between the Twilight and physical realms, that can offer advice when you get stuck but you have to have paid attention to the story boards if you are going to get any type of advice from her.


This has been a lot of fun to play.  I’m actually surprised that it has kept my interest this long.  While I wish the puzzles weren’t so hard all the time, it has been a great way to kill some time, and both of us have enjoyed it quite a bit.  Well worth the $17 we spent on it in the used game section at Gamestop.